"Is God Safe"

Is God safe?

"Is God safe?" Asked The Anxious One, Who Was Nicknamed Fear.
"Is He Safe?" Echoed The Traveler.
"Yes, Can I Trust Him?"
"Those Are Two Different Questions. "
"What Do You Mean?"
"God Can Always Be Trusted, But He Is Never Safe. When You Are With Him, The Person That You Are Is In Danger Of The Person That He Wants You To Become. "
"Does That Mean That God Will Hurt Me?" Asked Fear.
"Probably. "
"Will He Kill Me?"
"Only The Parts Of You That Have Nothing To Do With Who You Really Are. "
"That Scares Me. " Replied Fear.
"Because I Don't Want To Be Hurt, And I Don't Want To Die. "
"Do You Remember The Thorn That I Removed From Your Foot Yesterday?"
"Yes. "
"Did It Make The Journey Painful?"
"Yes, I Couldn't Enjoy The Scenery Because Of The Pain. "
"Did It Hurt More As I Removed It?"
"Yes, I Thought I Would Die. "
"How Do You Feel Now?"
"Great! I Didn't Realize How Much Trouble It Caused. "
"Would You Like For Me To Put The Thorn Back?"
"Good. " Said The Traveler. "Now, If You Have Another Thorn, What Are You Going To Do?"
"I'm Going To Remove It. "
"Even Though It Is Painful?"
"Yes, I Know That The Pain Is Temporary And Only Serves To Heal Me. "
"Well Said!" Smiled Traveler.
"Now You Are Beginning To Understand. "
"Is God Like That?" Asked Fear. "I Mean, Like Removing Thorns And Everything?"
Traveler Answered, "We Must Be Careful Not To Limit God Or Make His Parables Walk On All Fours: But Yes, God Is Like That. " "Well. " Said Traveler. "It's About Time For Me To Go. "
"Won't You Be Going With Me?" Asked Fear.
"No. "
"So, I've Got To Go It Alone?"
"You Are Never Alone. " Said Traveler. "You Carry God's Spirit With You. "
"Will I Ever See You Again?"
"I Hope So. " Said Traveler. "But That Is Not For Me To Decide. "
"Yes. " "I Am Still Scared. "
"So Am I. The Trick Is To Keep Walking. Fear Is Like A Fog. It Does Nothing But Obscure The Path In Front Of You. "
"Which Way Do I Go?"
"That Way, Towards The Light. "
"I'll Miss You Traveler. "
"I'll Miss You Too. "
As The Anxious One Started To Depart, He Felt A Hand On His Shoulder. "There Is One More Thing. " Said Traveler.
"Your Name Is Not Fear. "
"It's Not?"
"It Never Was. "
"What Is My Name?"
Traveler Smiled. "Courage. Your Name Is Courage. " Courage Smiled, Then Turned And Walked Towards The Light

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