Ego vs Sacred Self

"Ego vs. Sacred Self

Ego is any instant gratification.
Our sacred self knows how to delay gratification.

Ego tells the same adverse story over and over.
Our sacred self finds lessons in others' stories.

Ego judges others for their faults or flaws.
Our sacred self judges no one.

Ego envies others for their successes.
Our sacred self rejoices with the success of others and feels their joy fully.

Ego justifies not going to the gym because it "worked hard all week."
Our sacred self honors the promises we made to ourselves, despite being tired.

Ego has a be right/prove a point.
Our sacred self is not attached to any point of view and can always see another viewpoint.

Ego loses momentum because it is not �seeing� the results it wants immediately.
Our sacred self is patient and knows there is a season for everything.

Ego treats people with disrespect.
Our sacred self treats people as beloved members of our human family and part of the divine.

Ego seeks to get love and acceptance.
Our sacred self seeks to give love and acceptance.

Ego is self-centered.
Our sacred self is God- and other-centered.

Ego is threatened by growth.
Our sacred self relishes change and new experiences.

Ego has to get even.
Our sacred self knows to let it go.

Ego does not like losing.
Our sacred self is happy with the outcome, win or lose, and the lesson in every experience.

Ego likes to fight.
Our sacred self loves to heal.

Ego thinks everyone is talking about it.
Our sacred self trusts in the good of all people.

Ego is a victim.
Our sacred self values the lesson in every experience, even those that cause us harm.

Ego makes excuses for anything and everything.
Our sacred self takes responsibility for our own actions.

Ego lives in the past.
Our sacred self lives in the present and visualizes our beautiful future.

Ego tries to manipulate a relationship with God.
Our sacred self cherishes a relationship with God.

Ego emotionalizes everything, no rationality.
Our sacred self lets go of attachment, and the emotions it brings.

Ego loves resentments.
Our sacred self lets go of all resentment, and the emotions it brings.

Ego fears of anything that can be feared.
Our sacred self trusts all that can be trusted.

Ego focuses on getting lean.
Our sacred self focuses on getting �clean" -- body, mind and spirit.

Ego loves intimidation.
Our sacred self loves compassion.

Ego loves to hide.
Our sacred self is open and available.

Ego blames.
Our sacred self takes responsibility.

Ego is reactive.
Our sacred self is proactive.

Ego loves comfort zones.
Our sacred self loves frontiers.

Ego loves vanity.
Our sacred self forgets self in service and love of others.

Ego seeks environments that support all of the above.
Our sacred self seeks new horizons and knows that growth can often be painful, and that Transformation can often be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world."

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